Aggressive Indexed Risk Control Composite


Composite Description 

  • Aggressive Indexed Risk Control Composite strategy – The Fund invests in fixed income securities and an options overlay to manage risk as well as participate in positive long-term performance in equity markets. The fixed income assets of the Fund may invest in fixed income securities—including U.S. Treasury and agency bonds, corporate bonds, mortgage-backed securities, commercial mortgage-backed securities, and asset-backed securities. The fixed income core accounts for the majority of assets in the portfolio, with a target initial allocation of 90% to fixed income assets in the portfolio but may range from 60-100% thereafter. The Fund utilizes an option overlay to provide exposure to positive returns in US Large Cap equities while establishing a target level of maximum downside risk exposure 

Benchmark Information 

  • Standard & Poor’s Target Risk Index Series is comprised of four multi-asset class indices, each corresponding to a particular risk level. The asset class mix is determined once per year through a process designed to reflect the overall opportunity of the markets represented, adjusted for specific risk levels. Each index is fully investable, with varying levels of exposure to equities and fixed income 

Calculation of Performance Returns 

  • Return is a time-weighted rate of return which is the compounded growth rate of the value invested over a given period regardless of the amount invested and is unaffected by significant cash flow at any given time which is linked geometrically.  
  • Gross-of-fees reflect performance returns net of trading cost.  
  • Net-of-fees reflect gross of fees performance returns less actual investment management and trustee fees for CIT 
  • Administrative fees account for less than 1bp and is not included while calculating Net-of-fees returns. Administrative fees include, but not limited to, pricing cost, exchange listing fees, custody fees or any other administrative cost. Supplement information would be provided upon request. 
  • Returns less than one year are not annualized. 
  • *Supplemental information– Gross of fees returns 

Fee Schedule 

  • Standard fee schedule for accounts is –% on the first $100 million of assets and –% on the balance. Actual account fees, inclusive of performance-based fees (if applicable) are used in the construction of composite net of fee performance unless otherwise noted. (We can additionally attach our standard fee schedule from Investment Disclosure) 
  • Management Fees waved for Private Funds portion of the Composite 


GIPS Compliance and Verification Status 

  • Build Asset Management has not been independently verified and is not claiming GIPS compliance.  
  • The performance quoted represents past performance. Past performance does not guarantee future results. 
  • All values in the performance calculation system are rounded to the first decimal point for reporting purposes  

Additional disclosures in future:  

Measure internal composite dispersion – not required if less than 6 accounts 

Standard Deviation – after completion of 3 yrs.