When we build together, we all win.

Most financial strategies focus on maximum returns but ignore the risk factors that make portfolios vulnerable to losses too near retirement and leave investors worried about their ability to retire on time – that’s what inspired us to create something different.


How it all started

We understand today’s investor—and we care about them. With their needs and concerns in mind, we focused our efforts on developing a tool that could be a game-changer for retirement plan participants and impact the overall retirement gap. Fueled by this obsessive dedication to offer a better experience for investors, our vision turned into BUILD.

This is more than our business. It’s our purpose.


Why it matters

We believe today’s investors are looking for a retirement solution that focuses on protecting their hard-earned money. That’s why we created a series of tools that allow investors to select their desired level of asset protection, matched with their age and risk-based needs for upside potential. The more protection selected, the less upside return expected. Conversely, the less protection desired, the more upside potential expected when the market performs well. Ultimately, we seek to outperform the long-term returns of benchmarked investments at all levels of desired asset protection.

The ability to choose the level of asset protection is key to taking unexpected downturns out of investment planning, giving investors the confidence to stay invested, retire on time, on their terms. We call that a win-win.

Our strategies are available to investors in qualified ERISA group retirement plans advised by a select group of innovative, client-focused financial professionals.

Let’s get building.

This is more than our business.
It’s our purpose.

Get Building