Indexed Risk Control™:

The Next Generation of Fixed Income Investing 

Whether you are looking for a Collective Investment Trust (CIT),  Separately Managed Account (SMA) or a Private Trust for accredited investors, our strategies are redefining how investors manage risk. 


Market conditions have evolved, prompting innovative advisors to change how they manage their clients’ risk. Build offers a novel approach to portfolio construction and risk management, striving to do better in the worst market conditions, yet still offer the opportunity to see upside in the long term. Our rules-based quantitative framework and innovative investment process employ the time-proven risk management benefits of fixed income while overlaying long-only call options to participate in the upside of the equities market. 

Our Strategy:

Indexed Risk Control™ is designed to protect portfolios from sharp downturns with benefits as the market recoversAddressing the consequences of today’s evolving market conditions, our risk management framework is intended to be used as an alternative to traditional fixed income or an overall risk mitigation solution. 

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We believe that our family of strategies are an important and versatile answer to the solutions previously available to Institutional and High Net Worth investors.

– Matt Dines, Co-Founder and CIO Build Asset Management

A Smoother Ride 

During the market’s fastest drawdown on record, Build’s flagship Conservative strategy – which consists of over 90% fixed income - had a max drawdown of only 6.24%, while many other conservative strategies experienced a drawdown of 15% or more.*


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