Moderate Indexed Risk Control™
An innovative strategy for investors seeking a balanced objective of appreciation and preservation.
Unlike previous generations, today’s investors nearing retirement are forced to take on more risk in the latter stages of their investment journey. Increasing an investor’s equity position during the preservation phase adds unnecessary risks - market risk, sequence of return risk, longevity risk – possibly impacting a client’s retirement plans. Build created a new solution to solve this dilemma. Rather than increasing equity positions, our strategy reduces equity exposure to less than 20%, while striving to deliver meaningful participation in growing equity markets.
Moderate Indexed Risk Control Performance

Year to Date 

N/A (-1.90% since Inception)

1 Month


3 Month


1 Year



Components of Moderate Indexed Risk Control
A Core of Fixed Income That Seeks To Preserve Capital

The fixed income core accounts for the majority of assets in the portfolio. We focus on quality to mitigate credit risk and duration to mitigate interest rate risk. The conservative strategy strives to maintain a level of at least 80% fixed income and cash.

Average Quality: A+
Average Duration: 2.42 years
*As of 9/30/21

An Overlay of Call Options That Seek Capital Appreciation

By investing long in call options, the strategy limits potential losses in the options overlay to a known, fixed amount, while providing the possibility for unlimited upside potential.

Equity Exposure: S&P 500

A Quantitative Framework Powered by Data Science

Build’s proprietary quantitative construct provides efficiencies to limit downside risk, capture growth, and deliver a repeatable and smoother experience for the investor.

Strategy Composition as of 9/30/21

Strategy Allocation

• Fixed Income: 79.97%
• Derivatives: 13.98%
• Cash: 6.05%


Sector Weight

• Corporate: 45.5%
• US Government: 22.45%
• Options: 13.9%
• Securitized: 12.1%
• Cash: 6.05%


Top Five Holdings

• Vanguard S/T Corp Bond ETF: 19.25%
• iShares 5-10Y Inv. Grade Corp. ETF: 12.53%
• SPDR Port. Morg. Backed Bond ETF: 12.15%
• Invesco Ultra Short Duration ETF: 11.14%
• US Treasury 0.375 07/15/24: 10.50%



Collective Investment Trust

Available as a CIT for ERISA accounts 



Separately Managed Account

For Advisors looking for a more customized investment strategy

Indexed Risk Control Fact Sheet

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