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Private Credit

Build Secured Income Fund I

A direct lending private credit fund seeking to offer investors modest income through bitcoin-backed personal and business loans.

Separately Managed Accounts

Custom SMAs

For strategies with special requirements, custom implementations, or other needs.


BFIX: Build Bond Innovation ETF

An actively-managed bond fund that seeks risk mitigation and growth via a mix of fixed income and equity options.


Bond Innovation CIT

A retirement strategy that seeks capital apprection and risk mitigation for investors with a conservative risk tolerance.

Recent News & Insights

A Global Banking Crisis is the Endgame

A Global Banking Crisis is the Endgame

Matt Dines, CIO, walks through the latest in the troubled banking sector, including how commercial real estate losses will trickle down throughout the world. We also take a look at some long term charts of the dollar and US Treasury yields to understand the United States position under perpetual deficits and sky-high debt levels. We conclude with Matt’s opinion that the last excuse to buy bitcoin at asset managers is now gone.