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Retirement Solutions

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Bond Innovation Collective Investment Trust


CUSIP: 12007F104

We applied our risk mitigation methodology to retirement-focused funds, seeking to offer investors a spectrum of solutions that match dynamic risk tolerances with their wealth preservation, and long-term capital appreciation goals.

  •  90% – 100% Fixed Income and Cash
  • Investment Grade Fixed Income
  • 6 years Max Avg. Fixed Income Duration
  • Long-only options to enhance return profile
  • Conservative investor objective
Retirement phases showing accumulation, preservation, and distribution. Maps the fund strategy to the phase.

A Methodology Designed for the Modern Era

Many current portfolio construction techniques are outdated, failing the investor because they improperly address risks and do not account for today’s market environment. We seek to address these challenges by creating more repeatable outcomes to help investors achieve their financial goals. Build’s retirement solutions are built from aspects of structured solutions, passive equity indexed investing, and active fixed income management, guided by algorithmic rebalancing.

Sequence of Return Risk

Withdrawals from an investor’s account during bear markets are more costly than during bull markets. They do more damage to the investor’s overall return.

Longevity Risk

Life expectancy is increasing and the potential of an investor outliving their retirement savings needs to be accounted for.

Low Yields
Bond yields have faced over four decades of declines as both equity and bond prices have soared.

S&P 500 Index vs Treasury Yields

Bond Innovation investment framework.