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The Bitcoin Expedition 2023 event featured an education-focused day with some of the most influential Bitcoiners sharing their knowledge of what Bitcoin is, why it can be a superior money, and how it can impact industry and culture.

With over 150 attendees in Jefferson City, MO whose backgrounds varied from curious local business owners, to bankers seeking to understand the Bitcoin ecosystem, to students, the event reached an audience tradtionally untargeted by the Bitcoin conferences.

A highlighted set of panel recordings are available below for those wishing to rewatch panels or experience them for the first time. You can also access the full playlist on YouTube.

Missouri: Still The Gateway to Opportunity

With rising concerns over the impact of our current monetary and fiscal policies in place, Build Asset Management’s Matt Dines and Simple Wealth Planning’s Andy Flattery take a deep dive into the connections between the Sound Money movement, Bitcoin and the impact this could have on Missouri’s economy. The lively discussion was led by national Bitcoin thought leader, Natalie Brunell at Bitcoin Expedition 2023.

What’s Broken with Our Money, and How Does Bitcoin Fix It?

Parker Lewis, Sam Callahan (moderator)

Parker Lewis and Sam Callahan went deep into the many issues our economy faces after a decade of quantitative easing and excessive leverage. What’s the answer? Parker and Sam break down why Bitcoin’s technical architecture offers a solution to our current monetary and fiscal challenges and why the scarcity and security of Bitcoin support reasons for broader adoption.

Bitcoin 101: How It Works and What Makes It Potentially Superior Money

Keith Laska, Sam Callahan

Sam and Keith explained the basics behind everything from blockchain technology to trading and mining Bitcoin in their presentation that featured an opportunity for audience members to participate in a fun educational walkthrough.

An Electric Utility’s Response to Bitcoin’s Mining Incentive

Warren Wood

Hear the insights shared by Ameren Missouri’s Warren Wood at Bitcoin Expedition 2023. Warren highlights how Ameren Missouri’s innovative approach to Bitcoin mining exemplifies how utilities can enhance grid efficiency and rethink energy utilization. A must listen for those interested in Bitcoin mining and energy consumption.

The American Industrial Renewal Is Running Bitcoin

Ilya Rekhter, Andrew Hohns, Marty Bent (moderator)

Discover how Ilya Rekhter, CEO of Megawatt, and Andrew Hohns, CEO of Battery, are transforming their communities through Bitcoin mining and innovative financing solutions. At Bitcoin Expedition 2023, Ilya and Andrew shared how their innovative models in Indiana and Philadelphia are revitalizing areas with new jobs, renovating old structures, and fostering unique partnerships with local energy utilities, creating exciting opportunities and economic tailwinds for local residents.

Bitcoin Balance Sheets: Providing Credit Access to Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Kelly Lannan, Bryan Gibson, Matt Dines, Trey Sellers (moderator)

The panel discussion exemplified how Bitcoin can give businesses and entrepreneurs far better access to credit than traditional assets like real estate. The conversation focused on showing the audience some of the pain points of posting traditional assets as collateral and how they instead can secure capital using the unique properties of Bitcoin that make it unique.

Adoption is Coming to the Insurance Industry

Rob Hamilton, Becca Rubenfeld, Sam Callahan (moderator)

Insurance, one of the Midwest’s largest industries, is poised for disruption, says AnchorWatch co-founders Becca Rubenfeld and Rob Hamiltion. At Bitcoin Expedition 2023, Becca and Rob discussed how insuring Bitcoin holdings will be a critical step forward for institutional custody and how they are laying the groundwork for Bitcoin insurance to come.

Bitcoin, Farm-to-Table, and the Regenerative Agriculture Movement

Jared Orem, Parker Lewis, Marty Bent (moderator)

Jared Orem and Parker Lewis, moderated by Marty Bent, gave a compelling discussion on the synergy between Bitcoin and sustainable farming. They offered a fascinating look into how Bitcoin principles are influencing tangible, real-world industries like agriculture and beef production. Jared’s focus on long-term investment in productive assets for better animal and family health aligns closely with Bitcoin’s ethos. Parker highlights The Beef Initiative, uniting ranchers nationwide in embracing Bitcoin and advocating for locally sourced foods and regenerative farming.