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Build Provides the GRPAA Community Access to an Innovative Suite of Investment Products Blending Risk Control and Upside Potential

Date: May 19th, 2021

The GRP Advisor Alliance is pleased to announce a new partnership with Build Asset Management, a recently established company that is providing next generation traditional fixed income/risk mitigation solutions to address the challenges of investing toward retirement in a low-rate environment. Adding Build to its partner program further develops on GRP’s commitment to bringing innovation to the retirement planning community to its ecosystem. Bill Chetney at GRP “We are always working to look ahead of the curve and bring value to the retirement space. We are excited to partner with Build Asset Management and applaud their innovative approach to money management.”

Build Asset Management will bring an innovative suite of investment products to GRPAA’s community, giving member Advisors access to a new approach to portfolio construction, to serve their clients’ needs. Available at three levels of managed downside risks, Build’s Indexed Risk Control™ suite of products balances fixed income with an options layer. Build’s flagship Conservative Indexed Risk Control™ launched in January of 2020 and delivered a max drawdown of -6.24% and ended the year at 8.5%. Notes John Ruth, CEO Build Asset Management, “We are looking forward to working with the GRP Advisor Alliance and sharing the conviction we have in our approach to investing, with its broader membership.” The GRP community will learn more about Build’s approach through community learning, upcoming conferences, and its MVP call series.


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About Build Asset Management

Founded in 2018 by John Ruth and Matt Dines, Build Asset Management is a registered asset management firm focused on an approach to investing that encompasses both risk control and upside potential. Build’s goal is to provide advisors and their clients with innovative solutions to improve retirement outcomes and boost investor confidence. At its foundation is a set of solutions that provide savers and investors a way to keep long-term goals on track while navigating the disruption of financial markets, transforming how individuals invest for retirement. Build’s flagship Conservative Indexed Risk Control(tm) strategy launched in January of 2020, ending the year with a net of fees return of 8.5% and a maximum drawdown of – 6.24%.

For more on Build Asset Management, please visit https://getbuilding.com/.


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