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OneDigital Announces $70 Million Commitment to BUILD ASSET MANAGEMENT To Be Deployed in Build’s Conservative Indexed Risk Control™ Strategy


Overland Park, KS – May 12th, 2021 – OneDigital Investment Advisors “OneDigital,” a registered investment advisor focused on corporate retirement plans with over $70 billion in assets under advisement, today announced that it has allocated $70 million to
Build Asset Management (Build) to be deployed in Build’s flagship Conservative Indexed Risk Control™ strategy. Indexed Risk Control™ is a next gen risk mitigation strategy that seeks to provide investors with downside protection while still offering upside potential.

Build will serve as a sub-advisor for OneDigital’s Risk Mitigation sleeve of the firm’s Personalized Portfolios solution. Personalized Portfolios is OneDigital’s advisor managed accounts (AMA) solution that has reengineered portfolio construction. The Risk Mitigation sleeve of this solution seeks to protect retirement portfolios from catastrophic losses, thereby providing individuals with greater assurance of being able to retire at a planned date.

Vince Morris, President of OneDigital Retirement + Wealth, notes “We are excited about this solution because it is an innovative way to deliver value to participants via advisor managed accounts (AMA). Build’s investment and risk profile fits our core risk mitigation sleeve, given our focus on improving retirement for all. We are committed to providing wealth management approach within the retirement plan. We believe that every individual planning for retirement deserves a customized approach, taking into account a myriad of variables for each person. These variables could include what’s outside their retirement fund, expected social security payout, income-generating real estate, whether they’re the primary earner, other investments they may own, potential inheritance, etc., to reach a customized target allocation. This new strategy will potentially help us protect investors from the possibility of a market correction and is just one of the innovative ways we are building out our personalized portfolios offering.”

Taking risk mitigation into account in a post-COVID environment, OneDigital examined Build’s ability to mitigate losses in severely down markets while also participating in market growth potential. Build’s flagship Conservative Indexed Risk Control™ strategy achieved these goals throughout the volatile markets that 2020 presented. One Digital also examined the strategy for sustainability and repeatability over time as part of their due diligence review.

John Ruth, CEO of Build, noted, “We developed our approach with a similar mindset to that of OneDigital’s Risk Mitigation sleeve, one of rethinking portfolio construction to protect on the downside while still participating in market upside opportunities. We believe the conservative side of classically constructed portfolios are ripe for an update. In an era of historically low interest rates, and stretched P/E ratios, it is important to recognize that investors are being forced further out on the risk curve than they would likely otherwise prefer. Build believes our Indexed Risk Control™ methodology is a timely and necessary evolution to portfolio construction. We believe our innovative approach around limiting downside risk, combined with a growth overlay, makes Build a natural match for OneDigital.”

About OneDigital

OneDigital is a leading strategic advisory firm in the U.S. and has consistently led from the front as a workplace ally for 20 years. OneDigital’s unique ability to converge health, wealth, and human resources into a hub of services and business guidance has empowered companies to create workplaces that attract and retain talent while fueling innovation and company growth. As employee healthcare, wellness, and workplace benefits continue to shift, companies of all sizes have relied on OneDigital’s exceptional advisory teams for counsel and its adjacent services, including employee benefits, holistic HR services, retirement and wealth management, employee wellbeing, and pharmacy consulting. Headquartered in Atlanta, OneDigital’s more than 100 offices and 2,400+ business strategists serve the needs of over 85,000 employers across the nation.

Investment advice offered through OneDigital Investment Advisors, an SEC-registered investment adviser and wholly owned subsidiary of OneDigital. OneDigital Investment Advisors was founded in 1987 and operated as Resources Investment Advisors until it was acquired by OneDigital in 2020. OneDigital Investment Advisors employs over 275 employees and oversees over 140 Registered Investment Advisor Representatives across the country with over $70 Billion in total assets under advisement as of 12/31/2020. Headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas employees work in support of OneDigital solutions including retirement services, wealth management, executive benefits and retirement plan administration.

OneDigital has been named to the Inc. 5000 List of America’s fastest-growing companies every year since 2007, one of only 11 companies to do so. Currently listed as 18th on Business Insurance’s list of 100 Largest U.S. Brokers, OneDigital’s deep analytic abilities and experienced advisors deliver insights that reduce business risk and improve plan design and performance.

About Build Asset Management

Founded in 2018 by John Ruth and Matt Dines, Build Asset Management is a registered asset management firm focused on an approach to investing that encompasses both risk control and upside potential. Build’s goal is to provide advisors and their clients with innovative solutions to improve retirement outcomes and boost investor confidence. At its foundation is a set of solutions that provide savers and investors a way to keep long-term goals on track while navigating the disruption of financial markets, transforming how individuals invest for retirement. Build’s flagship Conservative Indexed Risk Control™ strategy launched in January of 2020 and delivered as designed.

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Investment advice offered through OneDigital Investment Advisors, an SEC-registered investment adviser and wholly owned subsidiary of OneDigital.